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oh hey sup, what's shakin' on this fly looking space vessel right hurr.

i am complete and total fresh meat, though i've been stalking the game for months because of a certain heaping of friends of mine who like to rave about this place. ahemyouknowwhoyouare.

on the business end: i'm arden and i'm bringing in miss sydney bristow from the spy tv series alias. anyone remember this show? back from before jennifer garner only did romantic comedies. you guys already have sark on board who's from the same series. the last time sydney saw him, she literally threatened to chop his dick off with a knife. so. that'll be fun.

sydney is known for her ability to take on a bunch of sexy fun disguises and shit, along with kicking butt and generally being james bond with better hair. oh, and her life is really ridiculous, so... potential spoilers ahoy as she hails from mid s3, right as her and her lover boy were dragged in front of a north korean firing squad.


as for me, if you so choose, you can add me on plurk at [ profile] ardendactyl for general plotting and befriending and whatnot.

i'm so excited to be here, i just might burst. /o\ Here, have a video:

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Name: Sydney Anne Bristow
Canon: Alias
Original or Alternate Universe: Original.
Canon Point:  Season 3, Episode 12: Crossings.  As Sydney and Vaughn face a North Korean firing squad.
Number: 047.

Setting: Alias takes place in what is more or less our modern society (2001-2006), in locations all around the world. The story revolves around espionage and conspiracy and black ops and terrorist cells oh my, and does involve a minor supernatural flavor, due to the inclusion of plot elements revolving around an ancient prophet. For the most part, however, the world is void of 'monsters and magic'.

Wiki page


Once upon a time, a mommy spy and a daddy spy fell in love. Or at least one of them thought that's what happened, and didn't suspect that mommy spy was actually a KGB agent who married him for a chance to steal US government secrets.

This sort of sets the stage for baby spy's entire life to follow, really.

In fact, she was only born because the KGB ordered her mother, Irina, to bear Jack Bristow's child, so that he would never doubt that she was actually in love with him. It's a very touching story.

When Sydney was six, her mother faked her death in a car accident, and her father was taken into custody under suspicion by the CIA and FBI for his connection to his KGB agent wife. During this time, young Sydney lived for a short time with her father's friends: Arvin and Emily Sloane. Jack was eventually cleared of any potential charges and released. Afraid that his little girl would eventually be drafted by the KGB as Irina's daughter, he personally began training her in spycraft, as a candidate for the op he was manager of: Project Christmas. Sydney, however, was blissfully unaware that she was being groomed to be the perfect CIA agent. All that she knew was that her relationship with her Daddy wasn't always the best, as he was pretty cold and distant and a failure at showing most forms of affection.  Sydney grew up thinking her father was a boring, emotionally repressed man who sold airplane parts, unaware that he wasn't around because he was a spy, working as a double agent to take down a terrorist cell called SD-6, run by Arvin Sloane.   He hired a nanny to take care of her for most of her childhood, and also sent her off to boarding school for her teen years.  While successful in academics, track, and theater arts, Sydney made only a few close friends, and spent most of her time with books.
When Syd started attending UCLA as an English major (hoping to become a literature professor like she believed her mother had been), Sloane, without telling Jack, sent men to recruit Sydney to work for SD-6.  Like other members of the organization, she was led to believe SD-6 was a black ops division of the CIA and that she would be doing espionage work for the US government.  Initially she refused the offer, but the loneliness of her life and her unhappiness with her college courses led her to accept, and she spoke with Reginald Wilson, who acted as her recruiter, and later her first handler.   Convinced that she was speaking with the CIA, Sydney signed "about 500 non disclosure agreements" and took the job.   Before beginning actual spy work, Sydney spent six months working as a teller at Credit Dauphine Bank, where she was monitored for admission in an 'evaluation phase'.  She advanced incredibly quickly, doing in six months what took most agents 2 years, completing assignments with an impressive eye for detail, and beating deadlines left and right.  After this period, she began an intensive 8 month training regiment where she learned to fight and handle weapons for what she believed to be the first time in her life (not entirely true, due to her childhood conditioning as a part of Project Christmas).   Upon completion of her training, she was introduced to the concept of "SD-6", and learned that it was headquartered inside the very bank she'd been working in.  She met Sloane for what she believed to be the first time, not remembering him from her childhood.  

Sydney began as a desk worker but advanced to recon missions by the time she was 20: within only one year of being recruited.  Despite pressure from Sloane to quit college and devote herself to SD-6 full time, she was adamant about becoming a teacher, and worked non-stop to balance life as a spy and student.  During this time she had a brief romance with a hippie surfer named Burke Wells, who also attended UCLA, while simultaneously developing a relationship with fellow spy Noah Hicks.  Her father discovered Sloane had recruited her, and attempted to talk her into dropping her job at "the bank", but as he couldn't reveal that he knew what her real work was, she merely stepped around his entreaties.   Sydney discovered that her handler, Reg Wilson, was actually a double agent, and reported his betrayal, deeply shaken by learning that the man, who had become a father figure to her, was working against them.  She was unaware that he was a double working for the actual CIA.   At this same time, Sydney broke things off with Burke Wilson, convinced that she was in love with Noah.  Their relationship ended when he abruptly transferred out of the States, with what Sydney believed to be no explanation, due to her not receiving an encoded transmission he sent to her e-mail.

She later began a relationship with medical student Daniel Hecht, which lasted two years, at which point he proposed.  Upon accepting, Sydney decided she could no longer keep her second life a secret from him, and revealed the truth to Danny.   This breach of security made it to the ears of SD-6, however, and they had him killed to protect the information.   Heartbroken and outraged, Sydney would not return to work, and eventually SD-6 sent agents after her as well.  It was her father, Jack Bristow, who rescued her, and revealed that he too worked for the Agency, and that SD-6 was a branch of the Alliance of 12: the terrorist group that Sydney had believed was the enemy she was fighting for several years.  Faced with the truth, Sydney vowed to herself to help take them down, and to do this, she stole the Mueller Device, designed by the prophet Milo Rambaldi, to give to Sloane.  She then turned herself into the actual CIA, and offered to work as a double agent inside SD-6.  Her CIA handler, Michael Vaughn, explained to her just how far-reaching the operation was, and that it would require long-term deep cover.  She agreed, and then learned that her father was also a double agent for the CIA.  She worked for months running operations for SD-6 while simultaneously working to either sabotage them, deliver intel to the CIA, or otherwise help to undermine Alliance operations.  She worked closely with Michael Vaughn in choreographing this dance between agencies, and the two developed feelings for each other in the course of their interactions, although her grief over Danny's death, and the distance necessitated by their professional relationship, made it impossible for them to act on them.

Sydney later discovered Cyrillic codes inside books that had been gifts from her father to her mother, which led her to believe her father might have been a KGB agent.  However, it turned out that the real KGB agent had been her mother:  Irina Derevko, who she had known as Laura Bristow.  

A mole hunt at SD-6 led Sloane to believe Sydney was indeed, a double agent, and only by sacrificing the life of another agent by framing him as the mole was her father able to save her life.

Syd learned of Sloane's especial interest in the prophet Milo Rambaldi, an interest shared by intelligence agencies around the world who believed that his designs held power that could be wielded if properly decoded.  When a 500-year old Rambaldi document was discovered with a portrait of what appears to be Sydney, linked to a prophecy that might have been about her, Sydney was detained by the FBI for questioning, until her father and Michael Vaughn helped to prove her innocence.  

Noah Hicks returned to Sydney's life and a romance re-ignited between them, as Sydney worked to try and locate her mother, who she now knew to be alive.   Noah, however, turned out to be a double agent assassin for K-Directorate, and Sydney was forced to kill him in self-defense.  Her love life is basically awesome.  And then she met Sark, who was working for her mother, even though she didn't know that at the time.  And then her best friend Will, a nosy reporter who had been investigating her fiancee's death and learning about SD-6 all season long discovered her identity and ended up being tortured by Sark and co.   Along with Vaughn and her father, she made a plan to save him, and to destroy the now constructed Mueller device.   However, when she and Vaughn detonated the device, Vaughn got stuck in the ensuing flood, and Sydney got captured: ending up face to face with none other than her mother, who told her she should have killed her when she was born and shot her in the shoulder.  Best family reunion.

Sydney saved Vaughn, while her father helped to ruin Will's life in order to save it.  And then abruptly, Irina Derevko showed up at the CIA to hand herself in.  Even though she now wanted nothing to do with her, Sydney was forced to speak with her mother to try to get information about what Sark was after, since he was now running her organization.  Surprise: it was more Rambaldi shit.  This time a music box that contained a code for zero point energy.  He got away with it, and Sydney kept working with her mother to get information, while Irina played upon her emotions, much to Jack's consternation.  Sydney ran into Sark again, who asked her to work for him.  She gave him a big fat no.  And then Irina sent Sydney into an explosive trap.  Except that the explosives were put there by Jack, so that it would just look like she'd sent Sydney into an explosive trap.  If you haven't figured out that this is a slightly unstable family yet, that might tip you off.  Sydney testified against her mother, who ended up facing the death penalty, but Vaughn was suspicious of Jack, and worked out what he had done.   Simultaneously, Sydney was uncovering information about something called Project Christmas: where young children were trained as sleeper agents.  And then found out that she was one of those children, and that her father had managed the project.  Betrayed, she confronted him about it.   Jack told her the truth about the explosives, while Irina plead guilty, and Sydney was forced to go to extremes to keep Irina from execution and her father out of jail. 

Vaughn became infected with a virus from their earlier exposure to the Mueller device, and Sydney was forced to cut a deal with Sark for the antidote:  the cure for delivering Sloane.  They made the trade, but then Sark convinced Sloane to work with him in finding Rambaldi artifacts.  Vaughn was cured and confessed his feelings for Syd.   Then Sydney, Jack, and Irina went on a mission together for the next best family reunion ever, in which they hunted nuclear warheads.  But, of course, Irina betrayed them.... only to then help them escape.   Sydney was forced to work with Sark at SD-6, much to her annoyance.  

Sydney and her CIA gang o' pals managed to download critical info on the Alliance from something called Server 47, while Jack ends up captured as a double agent.  Sydney revealed to her SD-6 partner, Dixon, that she too was a double agent and enlisted his help in confirming the information from Server 47.  Once confirmed, the CIA raided all SD-cells.   Sydney rescued Jack and helped take down SD-6 - and then made out Vaughn because her double agent life was finally 'over'.   

Syd was now working directly for the CIA, and began a relationship with Vaughn.   Along with her father, they uncovered information about some kind of genetic face doubling technology.  What she didn't realize yet was that her roommate, Francie, had been killed and doubled.  Meanwhile, Sydney graduated from college, hoping to finally leave the CIA entirely, but her boss, Kendall, refused to let her.  She continued going on missions, and there was this whole deal where Vaughn was suspected of being a spy, but it seemed he was only investigating Irina.  ... Who escaped CIA custody around that time.   Sydney was part of the task force that went after her, which devastatingly ended with Dixon accidentally shooting Sloane's wife, Emily, who had meant a lot to Sydney.  

Fake Francie ended up framing Will as the double, and Sydney told "Francie" the truth about herself, hoping to protect her.  She managed to retrieve information about the double's DNA to clear Will.   And then Irina showed up and told Sydney about how the CIA and Sloane each had half of Rambaldi's artifacts, and that she and Sloane were going to raid the CIA HQ to get the other half.  Irina wanted Sydney to steal Sloane's artifacts first.  Sydney used Sark to find where Sloane had put the crates.  They raided the headquarters, but Irina showed up, and confronted Sydney: telling her that she was the chosen one from the Prophecy.  Will discovered the truth about "Francie", and Sydney fought her, shooting her three times and then collapsing.

When she woke up, she was strapped into the back of a van and told by the man who was her that they were going to work together.  She was injected with a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzed her.  Sydney was told that they had extracted pulp from her teeth and injected it into another body, meaning that everyone else believed she was actually dead.  She was even allowed to watch her own funeral service, as Vaughn scattered 'her' ashes to the sea.  She was also told to accept that Sydney Bristow was dead.  She was taken by  Oleg Madrczyk to a Covenant facility near St. Petersburg.  She was held there, exposed to sensory deprivation, electroshock, and other forms of torture intended to break her.  She was then conditioned for six months via hypnosis, narcotics, starvation, and brainwashing techniques to believe that she was a merciless contract killer named Julia Thorne.   Once Oleg believed his methods were working, she was tested for loyalty by the Covenant, killing an innocent man without hesitation.   However, her participation in Project Christmas as a child had made her impervious to brainwashing:  Sydney was merely bluffing to convince them she was programmed successfully.  Once she was free to, she contacted Kendall at the CIA, who told her she couldn't return home without endangering her friends and family.  He asked her to remain with the Covenant in order to help bring down the dangerous organization.  Despite Kendall's protests, Sydney went to see Vaughn: only to find out that he was married and had moved on.  Devastated, she returned to Kendall without telling Vaughn she was alive.

Sydney spent the next year and a half living her life as Julia Thorne.  She was sent to Algeria to work with a thief named Simon Walker to find the Rambaldi Cube for the Covenant.   When Walker found Lazarey, a Russian diplomat and member of the Romanov family, who was also obsessed with Rambaldi, she learned he was close to finding the Cube.   The Covenant ordered "Julia" to get the information and kill Lazarey, but she saved his life instead, faking his murder.  She and Lazarey continued to work for the next nine months to locate the Cube, which supposedly contained Rambaldi's DNA.   They discovered it in an elaborate vault in a cave in Namibia.    Using the keys Lazarey had spent years collecting, they opened the vault, although Sydney was forced to amputate Lazarey's hand when it got trapped in the closing door.  

Instead of delivering the Cube to Kendall as promised, she send him a video message, explaining that she intended to hide the Cube, and then have her memory erased so that no one would ever be able to find it.  She asked Kendall to never tell her what had happened to her since the night she shot "Francie".  She then underwent the procedure to have her memories of the past two years erased, not knowing whether the operation would kill her or not.

Sydney woke up in an alley in Hong Kong, thinking that she had only just killed Francie's double.  She contacted the CIA who sent Michael Vaughn to speak to her: who revealed that it had been two years, that they thought she had been dead, and that he was married now, and no longer working for the CIA.  She learned that her father was in prison, and that Sloane had apparently reformed.  The CIA allowed her temporary clearance to work on a case that might help her in regaining her lost memories.    Sydney managed to get her father released from custody, but learned from him that a video existed of her from the past two years: killing Andrian Lazarey.  They began investigating the Covenant, who Jack believed was responsible for Sydney's missing two years.   Sydney ran into Oleg Madrczyk   once more when rescuing a scientist he was torturing, and in his dying breath he admitted to knowing her, that she was 'his favorite' and told her how she had vowed to kill him.   At Dixon's request, Sydney briefly tried therapy for her missing time, but decided it was not for her.  She was introduced to Vaughn's wife, Lauren Reed, an NSC agent there to investigate the murder of Lazarey.  Spoiler: they don't get along.  Shortly after her appearance, they butted heads over the issue of re-apprending Sark, and Vaughn defended Sydney to her.  It shortly became clear that he still had feelings for Sydney.

When investigating a Covenant virus, Sydney ran into Simon Walker once more, who recognized her as Julia: who had been his lover.  She tried to use him to find out more information about her missing time, but didn't get much.  She was forced to stab Vaughn when Walker discovered he was CIA, in order to keep from blowing her cover, but was unable to use her place to get her hands on the bio-weapon, as Walker sold it - to Sark.  Lauren was decidedly pissed off that Sydney stabbed Vaughn - and about her being around in general, and tried to pressure her into transferring, but Syd refused.  She was assigned to be Sloane's handler when he ended up working with the CIA again, and she learned that Francie's double, Allison Doren, was still alive.  In a confrontation with Allison, she told Sydney that she was under Covenant orders not to kill her, because the organization wanted something from her memory (the location of the Cube).   Combined with strange dreams about the mysterious scar on her abdomen, Sydney began researching memory-retrieval procedures, which led her to Dr. Kenneth Blake.   Sloane revealed that he had received a letter from Sydney the day she woke in Hong Kong, and gave it to her: it contained a key and a code.  The code was a cipher designed by Syd's mother, and led to a penthouse in Rome.  Vaughn told Sydney that Lauren knew the truth about her murdering Lazarey and had already reported her to the NSC, and then helped Sydney get to Rome, where she discovered "Julia"'s apartment.  She was, however, taken into NSC custody almost immediately, tortured at a secret detention camp called Camp Williams.  They attempted to get her to decode a message discovered in the Rome apartment, and she gave them false coordinates, and was rescued by Jack, Vaughn, and their team (including Lauren).  They then framed the Covenant for Syd's extraction.

With the help of Dr. Edward Brazzel, Sydney underwent an experimental procedure to travel into her unconscious where she heard the name 'St. Aidan'.   At her father's bequest, she contacted Will, who was in witness protection, who helped her find St. Aidan: who was actually Lazarey!  Too bad Sark showed up and tranq'ed him before they could get any information.  Loneliness drove her to sleep with Will, who then helped her to break into a safety deposit box at a hotel under the name Julia Thorne.   ... But then Sark showed up and stole what was in the box.  ARE YOU NOTICING A PATTERN HERE??   Will killed Allison, who was along for the merry ride with Sark, and then Sydney got the box back.  Which contained, of course, the Rambaldi Cube!   But then the DSR took it away, and Kendall kidnapped Syd, and revealed to her everything that had happened during her missing two years.  He also told her that the Covenant believed Rambaldi's DNA in the Cube was meant to fertilize the egg of the Chosen One - Sydney - in order to bring about his second coming via a child.  Sydney realized that her scar was from where the Covenant had extracted her eggs.

Luckily, Marshall had put a tracker on the Cube, and so the team tracked it down to a Covenant facility, who had stolen it from the DSR.  And Sark was there.  Surprise.  He got away, but they discovered fertilization equipment, which Dixon allowed Sydney to destroy.  Lazarey asked Sydney if she knew about something called "the passenger" and was then assassinated.  By ...



Curse her sudden yet inevitable betrayal.

But Syd didn't know that part.  The CIA learned of a Covenant agent who meant to defect, and so Syd and Vaughn went to North Korea to try and rescue him.  On the plane ride there, Sydney confronted Vaughn about how distant he'd been acting, not realizing her father had ordered him to do so in order to keep from hurting her further.  And then the plane's pilots were poisoned (thanks Lauren/Covenant), and the jet went down.  They managed to survive, but were on the run from North Korean military.  They had another feelings talk in which Sydney confessed that she'd slept with Will, hoping to convince Vaughn she was moving on.  Instead, he just got pissy.  

When Syd and Vaughn finally found the Covenant agent, they also found... you guessed it, Sark.   Syd was ready to chop his balls off, when the North Korean military captured her and Vaughn.  They were both beaten in a North Korean prison, and had one last feelings talk, where Vaughn opened up about how he was pushing her away because he still cared.  They promised to ~always find each other~ and made out... and then were led in front of a firing squad.

This is where Sydney will be coming to Ax.


Sydney is one tough chick.

She also lives two different lives, and, as such, presents two different personalities to the world even when she's not in disguise as one of her various 'aliases'.

There's the Sydney Bristow that her co-workers at SD-6 see: the consummate professional spy, dangerous and with more balls in her left pinky than a parade full of male strippers. While she can banter with and show very real compassion for the people she risks her life next to every day, she also knows how to make tough calls, and in the field she tends to become a focused, decisive badass, who doesn't brook a lot of argument. Often times, she can be a downright hardass. Her spy training has taught her mind to improvise, and once she sets her mind on a goal, it's remarkably difficult to deter her from it, no matter how much she has to adapt the plan to get there. This stubbornness keeps her from panicking where others might, and she's usually able to think quickly enough to buy herself an out - though she's never afraid to resort to violence when she has to. Sydney is incredibly intelligent (genius level, even), and adept at problem solving, and her thought processes tend to run cool and logical - at least most of the time.

But what separates Sydney from her cold, distant father is that the Sydney Bristow who lives in the world outside of spying is just as real to her as her spy persona. Sydney is determined to finish grad school, to balance both worlds, and this demonstrates how much she values normality, however much she might have been pre-programmed to for a less than normal existence. Her friends are the reason she keeps going, and keeps fighting the fight, and her connection to humanity keeps her from becoming detached. Although her spy mind is rational, she also doesn't want to lose touch completely with her emotions or compassion, so she does her best to keep her feelings compartmentalized away from the field, but still an active part of her life. This doesn't always, however, work entirely smoothly. Still, she has a remarkable ability to bounce back from traumatic experiences, and her method of coping with them is generally to take action, in whatever form she can.  

Sydney is chuck full of daddy issues that have defined a lot of her life. Losing her mother and only real compassionate parent at a very young age, Sydney felt constantly as if her own father was choosing his job over her, and that she was never going to be good enough to earn his affection. Despite her usual level of confidence, there's an underlying insecurity there. Sydney wants, like anyone, to feel needed, and to have somebody appreciate the work she does and sacrifices she makes. This is the main reason why she responds so badly to personal failure - she feels as if she always must succeed and holds herself up to incredibly high standards, and she's also worked to make herself invaluable as an agent so that she can feel needed in her line of work. Despite her father constantly letting her down, her desire to repair her relationship continually overrides the logical conclusion that he's going to only disappoint her again. Her father always treated her as if she weren't old enough or wise enough to know what was best for her - she was unaware these were protective measures, and became very resentful of his implications over time.

What she couldn't find in her father, Sydney invested in the ideal of her mother, and that's what prompted her to dream about becoming a teacher, like "Laura Bristow" had been. When Syd learned the truth: that Laura was actually Irina, and the woman she'd held up in such high regard was a lie, it shattered a lot of Sydney's remaining childhood illusions. Compound this with finding out the government organization she'd thought was the CIA was actually the very enemy she thought she'd been fighting, and it's easy to see why Syd might have a few trust issues going on. She's torn often between wanting to have her non spy life be separate from work, and the reality that she's lying to many of the people she loves constantly. However, she evinces a bit of a double standard on numerous occasions when her friends leave her out of things or go behind her back. She likes to feel in control of situations, and being out of the loop strips that control from her.  Sydney possesses a strong independent streak, and doesn't like the thought of others controlling her life.  Part of her motivation in seeking out a job in college in the first place was to declare financial independence from her father so that he wouldn't be able to hold that over her head anymore.  

Syd's not without a sense of humor, and she can find joy in a lot of the simple everyday things that might seem boring to other spies who live the kind of dramatic life she does. It's obvious she finds happiness in just spending time with people she cares about, and she shows a genuine interest in their lives and the more mundane aspects of it, as well as displaying a naturally generous nature. When she's in hardass mode, her sense of humor runs more along the lines of the violent or sarcastic.  She is not, however, a person who is naturally gregarious and outgoing:  in fact, she tends to have her father's more reserved, serious nature.  Because of this, she's always been more comfortable forming close relationships with a small group of people and spending her time with them, rather than in large groups.  She highly values her solitude, and in her youth, considered herself to actually be quite shy, never one to easily make friends.  While she was sometimes taken as 'snooty' for her distance, she saw it as having a healthy respect for the space between people.  She was, and still is, drawn to people who display self-confidence: she admits to admiring the ability to see what you want and take it.  

Her work as a spy allowed her to learn to harness this confidence for herself.  As a young girl, she loved playing dress-up, and this sentiment never went away as she aged.  "Costumes" grant her a certain freedom from the expectations and insecurities she associates with herself, and let her feel stronger, bolder, and able to take risks that she would never take in her 'real' life.  In fact, she tended to always view herself as someone who faded into the background before her work with SD-6, noting that when she wanted attention, it was sometimes difficult for her to attract it.   As her work with what she believed was the CIA gave her a clearer sense of having a real purpose in life, the confidence she was afforded while pretending to be others began to leak into her natural demeanor as well, helping her to grow and become a stronger person all around.   

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

Sydney is a fully trained operative of the CIA, and as such she can pretty much kick a lot of ass. She's skilled in martial arts (particularly Krav Maga), weaponry, escape artistry, deception, breaking and entering, hacking, and high tech gadgetry. She knows a metric ton of languages, but she's also quick at picking new ones up. She possesses a photographic memory.   As an undercover agent, she's also well versed in theatrics and the art of disguise.  

Also, Sydney's Dad is the best Dad ever and enrolled her in Project Christmas as a kid - an intensive black ops project designed to program kids into being awesome spies when they grow up with rad problem solving abilities. It also made her impervious to brain washing techniques. Though of course, she'd still be susceptible to magical mind control.

Sydney is, however, mortal and human, and as such anyone with supernatural strength or powers would have a clear advantage over her.

She's also a literature major so she can analyze Tennyson like nobody's business. :'D


( 1 )  Disguise kit, containing wigs, makeup, contact lenses, accessories
( 1 )  RF scrambler, used for disrupting video, disguised as a cigarette lighter
( 1 )  Active noise control which emits an out of phase audio signal that cancels out any sound within a two hundred foot radius
( 1 )
  Camera, disguised as a lipstick tube
 1 )  Dirty turtleneck sweater, in pretty shitty shape from rolling around in a North Korean jail
( 1 )  Dirty pair of jeans, same deal
( 1 )  Hair tie
( 1 )  Pair of socks
( 1 )  Pair of sensible shoes
( 1 )  Fake Passport for a Swiss Insurance Auditor
( 1 )  Glock 17
( 1 )  Gold bracelet containing garrote wire


Sydney is 5'8" and 125 lbs (8| what is that), and incredibly in shape, as she exercises regularly and intensely. She has brown hair that is "sensibly styled" when not in disguise, and brown eyes. She is however, adept at changing her appearance, including posture, etc.
Age: 28.

AU Clarification:

Log Sample:

Sydney Bristow wished that she could say she was a stranger to waking up in horrifying situations.  That luxury had vanished somewhere in the last six years of her life.  Still, there was a definite double dose of shock to be had, considering that she hadn't expected to wake up at all.  Not when she'd heard the distinctive crack of gunfire, her body jerking in automatic response to the painful barrage she knew was coming.  

She'd been shot before, and survived.  But most people didn't walk away from a North Korean firing squad.  

Then again, most people weren't also intimately familiar with facing down their seemingly inevitable death.  It was strange, or maybe it wasn't strange at all, how much easier it was to accept that as real with Vaughn standing beside her.  After having finally admitted his feelings.  After having stolen one moment, one kiss, that could hold every honest emotion they'd both had to keep firmly contained for the long months since her return.   It had seemed so final, that stripping away of all the lies they'd built to protect themselves, that it would almost seem stranger for it to not be the end.

Where could they possibly go from there?

We'll find each other, she'd promised him.  And it wasn't just an empty promise made to comfort him in their final moments.  It was something she knew, in her bones, and something to cling to.  Death meant freedom, at least, from the complicated, bitter truths that had left their lives feeling so hollow, and it still held possibilities that life seemed to have forfeited.  She'd never found Romeo & Juliet to be particularly romantic, always of the mind that someone who chose to end their life for something as melodramatic as teenage love was someone who really needed to get a grip.  But while suicidal tendencies were still far from her nature, she suddenly found herself understanding the hope that lovers might find in facing a grave, when facing it together.  

The sound of gunfire was still echoing in her mind, as she took a sudden strangled breath, that was stopped short by the tube in her throat.  Resisting the natural urge to gag on the object, she let her eyes jerk open, startled, attempting to process what she was looking at.  She couldn't move, and for a moment she wondered if she were paralyzed, her body ruined, but her mind somehow still processing.  But as the liquid drained around her, and the tube pulled out of her throat, it became clear that she was very, very alive, driven home by the harsh physical reality of being ejected naked onto the cold floor of a room with other wet, crumpled forms.  It was a nightmarish landscape, and she drew herself up, arms wrapping around her chest, even as her teeth chattered in shock slightly, as she looked down at her clearly not bullet-riddled form.   The tattoo caught her eye, then, and she stared with a deep sense of dread at the large black 47 engraved there.  

A dream, a dream, it had to be a dream, she told herself, but the sharpness of her returning senses protested her inner mantra, cluing her into the little discrepancies that only reality could duplicate in such vivid detail.  

Vaughn.   The thought was a cold, sudden stab to her gut, and her eyes flashed across the crowd, unable to even find words to call out his name, disturbed by the silence of so many around her, as they collected themselves up and began to move towards the exit of the room.  It was easy enough to see that she was meant to follow as well, and for all her questions about where she was, and what this meant, she was still stuck on that one thought.  Where's Vaughn? 

Swept up in the crowd, she let herself be directed along, but her head moved restlessly from side to side, searching each face in hopes of finding just one.  

Comms Sample:

[ Sydney Bristow's gaze is steady, with no trace of fear or panic.  However, there's a definite threat in her tone: an underlying menace to the flat monotone that says she's not screwing around, and that she is not amused.  ]

This is a pretty elaborately constructed mind game, but it doesn't make it any more convincing. Especially when it appears to have been conceptualized by a twelve year old boy. As much as I might be tempted to give you points for creativity, you sort of blew your shot at making me believe this was real for as much as a nanosecond when you decided to go the science fiction route.

I'll make this very clear: I won't play your games. Whoever's monitoring this frequency can make this a lot easier for everyone by coming down here themselves and telling me what you want from me, so I can refuse, take out your kneecaps, and we can both move on from here.

This is me asking nicely.


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